How To Choose The Right Curtains & Blinds?

Making the choice of appropriate blinds and curtains for your home is as necessary as finding the right colors. Before you begin, make an assessment of the room and window. Take the time to analyze the shape and style of the windows you have and its location in the room. Decide on the amount of privacy you need.

Choosing the right blind for your room

When deciding what kind of blind to pick, it is worth considering which room it is to be applied. Here are some of the considerations you need to make to find the right blinds and curtains for your room.

These blinds offer a unique look. They have horizontal slats which can be reduced, increased, or inclined. This provides excellent control over the quantity of light coming into the room. Both wood and aluminum blinds are available to choose from, so you can determine whether a modern or traditional style is most appropriate.

Roman blinds have soft folds when raised, and are straight when lowered. They are operated by a cord that is attached to either the slats or dowel that is sown into the lining. Roman blinds are good if you want to accomplish a modern, sophisticated look and is available in both bamboo and fabric. This allows for trimming, if necessary.

Vertical blinds have vertical slats which can be rotated through the bars on each side of the blind. This provides a control over the amount of light you wish to have in your room. You can also restore the “curtain” look using cords to tie blinds back to each side of the window.

Choosing the right curtains Curtains are excellent for improving the properties of a room. For example, they can add a refined, tailored look to a smaller window.

Here is everything you need to know about choosing good curtains.

This classic curtain heading resembles a series of pens side by side. These curtain headings can be used both with curtain rods and track, ensuring a good fit for any window space.

These are usually made of fabric loops that can hang from rods of the curtain. This is both easy to install and gives a contemporary look. These curtains are a good option if you also want to do a feature with your curtain rod.

Chrome-top comes complete with metal reinforced holes on top of the curtain heading, making them perfect for hanging plush, heavy materials on curtain rods.

Lined curtains are great for: Insulation – Lined curtains help keep traction while trapping heat in the room.

lined curtains provide an extra amount of resistance to strong sunlight, which can cause significant deterioration over time.

These hanging lined curtains can add extra weight to the curtains which makes them hang better.

Unlined curtains can be good for: Easy maintenance – Unlined curtains are easy to wash at home without the need for cleaning

To keep a room cool -Unlined curtains allows air to pass easily – perfect for keeping a lower temperature during the summer.

Getting a lighter look: These curtains allows more light inside the room. They provide a brighter look that works well in areas that are smaller.

No matter what type of window treatment you decide to install, ensure that it serves its purpose and is functional and artistic.

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