Why Lighting Is So Important For Your Interior Design?

Lighting – An Integral Part Of Interior Design


Lighting is an important aspect of interior design as it enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood and ambiance of a living space. Lighting fixtures that illuminate a room creates a safe and comfortable environment besides adding style to the interior décor. Light is the main element that gives the room a special look and transforms it into a seamless combination of functionality and style. Besides playing a functional role it creates a visually dynamic space. Lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. Hence proper lighting is an important element of decorating your homes.

Importance of lighting in interior design:

Without proper lighting interior architecture cannot be experienced to the fullest. Good lighting assures a warm, inviting and functional atmosphere in your home. Hence selection of proper lighting is the key element in interior design as it enhances everything in a room – from the furniture, flooring, fittings to the finishes and textures. Creative use of lighting can in fact embellish your decorating project. Implement different types of lighting to make your home a beautiful showcase. The light fittings and lamps chosen to compliment the style and décor of the room have a potential to give life to the space. Yes, selection of the right lighting can help you achieve a perfect balance between style, comfort and practicality in creating aesthetically beautiful yet functional interiors.

Types of lighting to create beautiful interior designs:

There are a variety of ways in which lighting can be implemented in a room to create beautiful interiors.

1. Ambient lighting can brighten and enhance the glow of the rooms. Lanterns and wall sconces can render an ambient lighting effect. Using dimmer switches can also alter the ambiance of the room to achieve the look and feel you desire.

2. Accent lighting highlights the architectural features of a home like the walls and objects in the room. Halogen spotlights and table lamps create accent effect lighting. Accent lighting can be implemented to project and show off a piece of art or a photograph also.

3. Task lighting incorporated in interior design provides localized lighting in special task areas. This is generally used in work spaces to aid you in performing your daily tasks. Whereas aesthetic lighting is like a piece of decorative art and is used purely to embellish the decor of your rooms. Hanging lights over the dining tables can perfectly compliment the decor of your rooms. Recessed lighting is preferred by most home owners as it provides good illumination without affecting the interior décor of the room. Task lighting can be incorporated with accent lighting to create simply beautiful interiors.


Lighting is an important tool in interior designing and should never be overlooked. The way in which you incorporate lighting into your home interiors define the mood of the user of the space as it has a great impact on the perception. Employing a good interior lighting designer can increase the brightness of a space and create ideal mood sets. Yes, lighting helps in adding elegance, sophistication and style to your home or office interiors.

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