5 Common Misconceptions On Home Renovation

5 Home Renovation Misconceptions That Don't Add Value To Your Property

Before selling your real estate, you may look forward to adding value to your home to make sure that you get the best price out of the sale. However, prior to commencing in on any kind of home renovation, you may have to think twice. Home renovation projects usually involve a considerable amount of time, planning and money. So before you settle on to remodeling your entire house, you would have to ask yourself whether the development will add value to your property.

Here are a few common misconceptions about home renovation in Singapore that can help to guide you whenever you intend to refurbish your house. By being an informed property owner you can take the first step in making profitable and prudent choices when it comes to opting for the right home remodeling projects.

Home Renovation

1. Adding Space Boosts The Property Value:

It is essential that you handle the home enhancement process extremely carefully. Even though it is true that adding space can enhance the overall worth of your real estate; the additional space must be usable else the entire process of extension would be a waste. Added spaces are definitely considered to be a good improvement in many cases since space additions lead to value improvement of the home but, poorly laid out and located additions can prove to be a big mistake. This kind of additions not only bring the value of the property down and negatively affects your investment but, it also gives rise to an entire range of concerns and questions about the rest of your property. Therefore, additional space must be habitable, have a clear function and be in par with the other part of the house and meet the standard of construction in your region.

Sometimes, you may not need to add more space in your house in order to enhance its overall appeal and valuation of the property. You can simply add a few decorative stuffs or units to upgrade the appearance of your home completely. Also, if possible, you can choose to consult a reputed interior designer to help you select the right decorative items.

2. Conversion Of Garage Can Attract Buyers:

Converting the garage can more often than not prove to be a bad idea for many homeowners. Hence, this is a home renovation myth that you must avoid while planning home remodeling. This conversion can adversely affect the valuation of your home. Garage space is vital for many prospective buyers, who wouldn’t be happy with parking their vehicles on street. Moreover, a refurbished garage can be perceived as misuse of space by many buyers unless its quality matches the rest of the house. This renovation can be quite challenging for many people since they may end up spending a lot of money to renovate the garage. So, in case you decide to revamp your garage, it would be advisable to do it on a short-term basis so that you can have it changed back to its original form before putting the house for sale in the market.

3. The interior is more important than the exterior

If you firmly believe in this myth then it's most likely you given minimal thought to the exterior appearance of your house. Before any potential buyer enters your house to inspect the interior part, they will form a first impression of the house by seeing its exterior. Since the exterior part of the house is the first thing that a buyer would see, it would be imperative to repair any areas that appear as though they are neglected or in poor shape. This can give buyers a bad notion about your house right away. Therefore, it is essential that you spend some money and time to make sure that this part of the house looks sturdy, cared for and attractive. You may find it helpful to talk about renovation strategies with a professional to decide where to begin, though most of them would recommend starting from the outside and then gradually working your way inside. An experienced agent will scrutinize at your house with a rational eye and see what the buyers usually look for and advise you to renovate accordingly.

Home Renovation

4. Swimming Pool Enhances The Appeal Of The Property And Improve Home Value:

Installing a swimming pool to the property can make it more attractive to a few buyers but, it might not be a feature that every home buyer seeks. Hence, it is suggested to avoid assuming that the pool will boost the overall value of the house. Swimming pools can be a very expensive addition to your home, so, in turn they can prove to be a costly ongoing rate for the buyer who purchases your house. Also, pools are a big liability and can involve a lot of effort to maintain it - from cleaning it on a regular basis to filling it with water, the costs associated with maintaining it can add up to a huge amount. Due to this factor, you may want to think twice about building a swimming pool as you could end up spending unnecessarily.

5. Neutral Color Is More Effective:

There is a general misconception that painting the walls beige or with an off-white color can help in staging the house more efficiently because it allows the buyers to view the home as a blank slate. It is assumed that by keeping the walls white or beige the buyers will be able to select their own décor and style. Though it sounds like a good idea, the concept overlooks the fact that many buyers don't possess the ability to envisage the home in a different way. Also, most buyers may not want to go through the hassle of repainting the house after moving in, and they can have issues with spending more money on the painting job. In such cases, consulting an expert interior designer can be beneficial; as they can assist you by adding a few interesting colors and textures to a bland design which can make your house look more distinctive and valuable.

Overall, in order to get benefits from home renovation, you would have to approach a professional designer and a property dealer in Singapore. You can contact a few companies to determine the one that offers best services and has the best reputation in the market. It would be a wise decision to be well prepared with everything related to the renovation, to avoid any major problems connected with the sale of the property in future.


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