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5 Useful Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Idea

Kitchen cabinets are often the largest feature in most kitchens and thus they are the first thing that most people see each time they walk into their kitchens. If the design of your kitchen cabinets does not work for you, you can spend some cash on new cabinets and that can be a very smart investment that can increase the value of not only your kitchen but also your home. However, if your kitchen cabinets only require a little updating, you can remodel them and this can give it a whole new appearance. This write up will focus on discussing about some of the useful kitchen cabinet renovation ideas that can work in any home.

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Generally, according to most people renovating a kitchen doesn't have to be an expensive proposition. However, this is not usually true. With a little bit of hard work and creativity you can modernize and update the kitchen. With only a small amount of money, you can make old countertops or cabinets appear like new, brighten up the walls as well as improve functionality with cheap solutions for the outdated kitchen.

5 Useful Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Ideas

Here are some of the effective tips you should put into consideration when decorating your kitchen cabinets:-
Tip#1: Painting the Cabinets and Countertops:-

Change the appearance of old cabinets in your kitchen by painting them. Basically, painting the cabinets will definitely transform not only the appearance of your kitchen but also your house in general. Whether the kitchen cabinets are real wood, plastic veneer, metal or even plastic, they can be sanded down easily and covered with a coats of flesh paint. First ands foremost, before beginning the painting process, remove carefully the hardware and wipe them down in order to get rid grease and dirt. Sand them gently and fill in dents or nicks (if they’re wood). Cover your kitchen cabinet with a primer coat and then followed up with several coats of latex paints in neutral colors such as gray, black or white. Cover your kitchen cabinet with a clear polyurethane layer so that you can seal the paints as well as protect the finish.

You can also update your kitchen by painting the countertops. It is not good that you paint the kitchen cabinets and then leave the counterparts. Generally, this can make parts of your kitchen to appear modernized and others to appear outdated. Therefore, it’ll be ideal that once you’ve remodelled your cabinets, you also think of remodelling the countertops so that the entire kitchen can have an appealing finish in the end.

Just like old kitchen cabinets, dated but old countertops such as laminates, Formica, wood and tile can be freshened easily with a fresh coat of paint. Just the same way you’re supposed to sand the cabinet that also should be the case when you will be dealing with kitchen countertops.

Apply carefully a coat of primer and then let it to dry properly. After it has properly dried, you can then follow with different coats of latex paints. Basically, this is normally an optimal time you can use to try up a faux finish. You can try sponging on paint, rag finishing paint effect or even a marble effect. Note that these finishes often mimic the appearance of more costly materials like granite.

It is also ideal that you protect the surfaces of the countertops with a clear polyurethane sealer. You can make use of food safe based paint if you’ll need too paint countertop surfaces which will come into contact with the food products in your kitchen. For recommendation purposes, it is important that you visit any paint specialist in you area.

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Tip#2: Treating the Walls:-

Also, ones you’ve decorated your kitchen cabinets, it is also essential that you do not forget decorating the walls as well. Treating the kitchen walls can involve adding paint or wallpaper to the walls. You can hassle free change the appearance of the kitchen walls by installing a wall paper border. However, you must make sure that you co- ordinate the wall paper colors to the colors in your kitchen cabinets, countertops and flooring. Select muted, neutral tones which will co- ordinate with variety of different colors. You can also decide to paint the walls in order to create a great faux finish effect.

It is important that you do a proper color-wash in the kitchen walls by simply diluting one cup of water with a gallon consisting of paint. Stir the mixture together and then apply to your kitchen walls in random using a rag roller. Basically, the finish will most probably provide you with a translucent, casual appearance.

Tip#3: Changing the Hardware:-

It is often essential that you update your kitchen cabinet from time to time. Install new looking hardware on newly painted cabinets. For a modern appearance, think of picking a brushed nickel, black wrought iron in case of a southwest feel or distressed copper in case you prefer a country look. Make use of a screwdriver in case you’ll rewire removing old hardware. Generally, you can easily find new hardware in most of the home improvement centers.

Tip#4: Primary Features:-

There are different cabinet designs which can give your kitchen appearance a contemporary look, a traditional appearance or even something entirely different, depending upon the different features you’ll make use of. For instance, you can decide to leave a frame’ all around the cabinet doors, which will leave your cabinets with a traditional appearance. You can as well think of covering the entire face of your kitchen cabinets, which typically is the way cabinets are made in the US.

Tip#5: Finishing:-

After the functional aspects of kitchen cabinet design, it is vey important that you determine whether you want painted cabinets or stained wood. If they’re to be stained, will they be light wood as birch or dark wood such as walnut? It is appropriate that you study magazines that show the different kitchen designs so that you can be sure with the finishing you prefer with your cabinet.

Last but not the least; ensure that you give your kitchen an appealing appearance by making use of the aforementioned tips to remodel your kitchen cabinets. Thank you.
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