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7 Useful Tips On HDB Toilet Renovation

In order to give modern look to your classic HDB toilets in Singapore it becomes necessary to renovate them with latest accessories and fixtures. Though toilet renovations can cost you overwhelmingly but still people go for them due to their attractive packages. You can redesign your toilet within your budget in a number of ways to make it more functional, even if your budget is tight. You can start with little changes which can provide more freshness to its environment.

Toilet Renovation

Moreover you can renovate your toilet in various phases if your budget is tight and cannot manage the renovations in one time. You should set priorities before starting renovations so that you can renovate your toilet accordingly. For instance, you can postpone the installation of bathtub now and focus on installing hot and cold shower or a new set of toilet bowl.

There are various other aspects you should focus on while starting toilet renovation in your HDB flat in Singapore. They may include the colour, size, type and design of the accessories you want to use in your renovated toilet. All these things also depend on the area available for use and the existing accessories in your toilet. According to renovation experts you should start renovations from the flooring of the toilet as it can spice up the changes by using quality tiles for it as the flooring of these toilets is not much big to affect your budget. Some other renovation ideas for your toilet are provided here under to improve its looks within your budget.

Toilet renovations ideas

Californian toilet of your dreams:

You can renovate your toilet as per your dream toilet of California by using its limited space intelligently. You can install partition between shower area and WC to avoid the splashes of water on toilet bowl. You can also cleverly install shelving units on the top of shower area and WC to keep the things well organised and increase storage space in the toilet. You can also provide resort like look to your small toilet of HBD flat by installing quality flooring in the shower area. You can also install a vertical glass panel on the partition between shower area and WC to improve its looks.

Dream toilet with exposed pipes:

The latest trend of providing glorious look to the toilets their pipes are kept exposed instead of concealing them. You can paint the bigger pipes as per the decor of your toilet like matching with the colour of your toilet sink and the smaller ones with some contrast colour to give it a modern look. Renovating like a basic toilet: Basically HBD toilets are designed in black and white colour scheme. Tough this combination is not liked by most of the Singaporeans but still it is s famous style and widely used among the admirers of pop culture. This colour combination is basically widely used in almost everything including interior decorations as well as fashion apparels.

Nautical toilet:

This toilet renovation style is inspired nautical activities which include your love for taking shower while swimming in the sea. You can install a round mirror over the WC to give it the look of the doors of a ship in the ocean. In order to give a different look to your toilet you can paint its pipes with steel like colour.

Toilet Renovation

Truly blue toilet:

Blue is another best colour combination for your toilet which can give it modern look in Singapore. If you are adventurous by nature then you will certainly enjoy this change as it will give a brilliant pebble like look to its walls as its main attraction. If you an ocean lover then you can also improve its looks by using matching towel, mat and other accessories along with using minimum ornamentation to decorate it.

Toilet with open concept:

You can give perfect look to your small HBD toilet attached to the master bedroom of your small flat by giving it the touch of open conceptual bathroom used mainly in various hotel rooms. They mostly use glass doors between the shower and your bedroom. By opening the door directly into the toilet you will not only increase the utility of the space but also improve its looks.

Demolish the adjoining walls:

if you have connected toilets and want to increase your usage space then you can demolish the wall between them. It will not only make your toilet large but also give it modern look. In such cases the exposed pipes work as partition between shower area and WC. You can paint the pipes with different colour combinations to improve the looks of your toilet more precisely.

In this way you can prominently improve the looks of the toilet of your HBD flat in Singapore as lots of designers these days are focusing more on this point. You can focus on various other things including installation of energy devices, furnishings, ventilation devices as well as maintenance of electrical installations while initiating toilet renovations in you small flat. While selecting from these basic items you can also consult a renovation designer in your area to know more options in this regard. In this way the tedious job of renovating your small toilet in Singapore can be made easier by taking some smart decisions.

If you have enough finances for your toilet renovation project then you can invest on various products to decorate it more elegantly. You can spend on various accessories of daily use including shower heads, water taps and a set of toilet bowls to make your toilet more functional for long time. Such changes will not only improve the looks of your HBD toilet but also save your money needed for repairing them for long time.

The technical aspect of toilet renovations in HBD Singapore includes your preparation for it by planning budget and arranging the things accordingly. After getting prepared for these changes you will not find it as a costly and challenging effort. You can make these renovations easily if you have planned it carefully and arranged your finances accordingly.
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