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What Are The Best Investments in Home Renovation?

Do you want to sell your home? Do you want to make the best deal of your home? Are you planning for a home renovation to enhance the beauty and value of your home? Are you looking for some tips for the innovation of your home? If yes, then this article is written for you only. Here you will get all the ideas about how to improve the value of your home in Singapore and which home remodelling investment can return best results.


If you are planning to sell your home then it is important to do all the preparation in advance to attract the prospective buyers and to make good money from this deal. Before starting the renovation, first decide how much you expect from your property, what is the condition of your property, and how much you want to spend for the renovation. Money is one of the key factors. Hence, you should first decide your budget before going ahead with your plans. If you want to improve both the quality and look of your home then you will have to take care of every little thing and to spend more for the renovation.

All the investments in home renovation cannot increase the value of your property. Hence, you should do a proper research to know which investment can contribute to improving the home value. Moreover, you should think from the customer’s point of view to know their expectations and requirements from a new home. To help you more, below are some tips on how to make best investments on the home renovation in Singapore.

• Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Hence, your first step should be to improve the appearance, design, and quality of your kitchen. A modern kitchen is not used for the cooking purpose only. It is used for different reasons, make the plans accordingly. While remodelling a kitchen, make sure that it is not fancier from the interior design of the rest of your home. The cost of the kitchen remodelling depends on the area and on the condition of your kitchen. Although a Kitchen remodelling returns only sixty-six percent on average, but make sure that you have done all the preparations to get the attention of the buyers and to improve the value of your home in Singapore.


• Give a new and modern look to the bathroom

The next step is the bathroom. The bathroom is something that gets the attention easily. Make sure that your bathroom is convenient to be used and offers an impressive look at the same time. Like any other project, the cost of the bathroom innovation mostly depends on three important factors, the size of your bathroom, the accessories you want to change, and the price of the hired contractor. You should try to change all the required accessories such as the sink, doors, tub, and toilets. By doing so, it will improve the appearance of your bathroom and will increase the value of your property.

• Energy-efficient Appliances

If you want to give a new look to your old home, then consider replacing the old appliances. And the good decision is to replace them with energy-efficient models. Energy-efficient appliances are considered better for the home and they save the money and energy as well. Hence, these appliances will be appreciated by the buyers. While buying a home, potential buyers prefer the one that saves their money.

• Energy-efficient Windows

In current market conditions, many buyers choose the home with energy efficiency in mind. If you have old, drafty single-pane windows then that will certainly affect the value of your home. Moreover, energy-efficient windows can save huge money that you spend in the heating and cooling procedure every year. And the cost of the replacement will depend on the size and the types of the materials. If you want to get the materials at a cheaper price then consider consulting with more than two to three services.

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• Energy-efficient Insulation

If your home does not have the basic insulation, then it will certainly affect the value of your home. The potential buyers will inspect all the details before making the deal. Home with poor insulation demands more money to live in and maintain. Think from the buyer’s point of the view and do the changes accordingly. You can update your home with energy insulation that will not make you spend more, but it will be a good investment and will increase the value of your property. Some areas require more insulation such as around the windows and doors, recessed lighting, in the basement, around the attic hatch, and around the light switches and electrical sockets. Hence, make sure that you have covered all while planning energy-efficiency for your home.

• Deck Addiction

You can add a deck to increase the value of your property. Outdoor living space is the center of the attraction for both of your family and the outsiders. If you try to give it a new and impressive look, it will definitely get the attention of the prospective buyers. The cost of adding a deck depending on many factors such as the size, design, bells and whistles, built-in-sitting, and multiple stairs. If your budget is restricted, you can choose less expensive materials.

• Other updates

In addition of all these, you need some basic updates to increase the value of your property in Singapore. Consider some of the basic requirements such as the a fresh paint, plumbing work, replace the wood that rots, fix the roof if it is leaking, replace the front door, change the electric switches, and clean the home by the professionals to save it from early deterioration. Buyers want a beautiful, impressive, solid, healthy, and secure home. Hence, make sure that your home has all the above requirements to meet the expectations of the buyers.

Home renovation should be done with proper care and attention. If you are new in this industry then it is better to take the help of the professionals. They might charge you more, but this is worth spending. A proper home renovation is important if you want to make the investment in the right way and to get the best deal.

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