Carpet Tiles VS Roll On Carpet

All houses or offices need a flooring solution and the options are plenty. The choices can range from Italian marble to ceramic tiles to hardwood floors and everything in between. Carpets, though considered old-fashioned, have maintained a regal appeal over the years. Sometimes, they can give your home a chic "espace propre" look yet sometimes they won't fit. The choice will depend on a number of factors and you should choose the one that would satisfy your particular set of requirements.

There are essentially two types of carpets, the regular roll-on type and carpet-tiles type. Carpet tiles are basically smaller sections of a carpet roll which makes them more flexible along with other added benefits. However, is a carpet tile better than a carpet roll or is carpet roll the better choice?

Carpet Tiles VS Roll On Carpet

 The following points attempt to answer this question in a neutral way, read on for more:

1. For Your Eyes Only:
Design is the single biggest factor why people choose carpets over other flooring solutions. Imagine seeing a green wooden floor or a red ceramic one! Carpets are the only way you can pull these colors off. In addition, carpets provide greater comfort and you can stand for longer periods of time comfortably. Both roll-on and tiles type of carpet provide these benefits. The large number of colors, prints and designs afforded by carpets allow you to customize your home or office according to your individual style, a great plus!

2. Size Matters:

Flexible size is one area where carpet tiles score over roll-on carpets. Carpet rolls come in fixed sizes which means that they can either be too big for your room or too small. More often than not, the carpet will fit your room perfectly, but if it doesn't, cutting or reshaping the carpet will ruin its design.

This is an important thing to consider, you must always measure your room before investing big on a roll-on carpet. Carpet tiles don't have a size problem as they are made up of square pieces of a large carpet roll and can easily be made to fit any size. Though you may have something to lose in terms of design, carpet tiles are a good choice if you cannot find a roll-on carpet that fits.

3. Traveling With Carpets:
As any carpet installer will tell you, carpet tiles are easier to store and transport when compared to carpet rolls. This is simply because of their smaller size and weight. Experience tells us that storing/moving a box is much easier than storing/moving a long roll.

4. Carpet Repair:

Do you host wine parties? Or have pets? Carpet stains are a hell to remove and carpet spots can be unsightly. Most users replace their carpets every few years because it is impossible to keep them stain free for long. Wine stains or spots on a carpet can hamper their design and feel.

Carpet tiles can help in this matter though. If you have carpet tiles on your floor, you can simply remove the effected squares and replace them with newer ones. This mixture of old and new tiles can take a while to settle but isn't it better than having to replace the carpet as a whole? Re-installation is a breeze though you must have replaceable tiles of the same design/color.

5. Questions Of Money:
Carpet tiles are cheaper than roll-on carpets and provide greater flexibility. In honest terms, carpet tiles are better suited for the ordinary family while roll-on carpets can be used by their richer counterparts. Carpet rolls are an elegant blessing that needs to be taken care of. They are not designed for rough use by kids and pets. Carpet tiles are better suited for this purpose.

Wrapping Up

You can get the same/similar look and feel with carpet tiles as you would with roll-on carpets. But the important things to consider are the fact that carpet tiles provide better flexibility, easy transport and storage, quick replacement, quick installation and most importantly, they are more cost-effective. All these factors make carpet tiles a better choice for most families and offices. Whatever your decision, it is advised to purchase carpets from a reputed dealer as these as long-term products and quality is important to maintain the lasting beauty of your home. We wish you the best of luck!

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