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Cost Of Countertop Materials

Kitchen countertops must support all kitchen work; Therefore, it is important to choose the most reliable and sustainable counter possible. Given the diversity of types of meters and materials that make them up, choosing a good accountant can be a daunting task.

Countertop Materials

Well, what is the most solid type of counter? Logically, the solid surface is the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, when it comes to accountants, the term "solid surface" is a good sound, so it means: solid, durable and reliable.

Solid surface counters ( Cost $55 – $175 / ft run )

What we call solid surface counters are those plastics that have existed for decades and have proven their resistance to the harsh realities of kitchen life: moisture, humidity, physical impact, cuts, scrapes, etc. Solid surface countertops are made essentially of plastic, combining polyester and acrylic. They are resistant to water and are not subject to bacterial contamination. As they are not porous, stains are easily removed. Scratches can also be treated by sanding.

Solid surface countertops come in a wide range of colours to suit any type of interior. Some meters imitate natural materials, such as stone and wood. One of the best things about solid surfaces is that the patterns are uniform. The segments can merge with each other without forming visible joints.

Quartz countertops ( Cost $90 – $105 / sq ft )

The quartz countertops are as attractive as they are reliable and durable. They are not porous and, therefore, resistant to stains and impervious to bacteria. They do not require complicated maintenance and are renewable. One problem with quartz counters is that they are as expensive as natural stone countertops.

Granite and marble countertops (Cost $55 – $175 / ft run)

Granite and marble countertops have appeared on the cards since their inception. These accountants are the most sought after by the wealthy owners who strive to add divine beauty to their home. Since granite and marble are naturally extracted from the earth and seem to require most of the work, they are more expensive than other types of meters.

Cost-Effective Countertop Materials

The expensive countertop materials, such as granite and quartz, can capture the attention of home design books and magazines, but they are far from the only options available to owners. They embark on the renovation of the kitchen. In fact, the amount of alternative measurement materials at lower cost continues to grow.

Different brands

Formica is one of the best alternatives to low-cost meters that gives owners a nice and clean appearance at no additional cost. Formica is a well-known brand that many people confuse with laminate, which is the name of the generic counter-material for which Formica has become famous.

Despite the relatively low cost of Formica, other brands offer even cheaper laminate countertops. And just because you want to use laminate as a countertop material in a remodelling job does not mean you have to use the Formica brand. Several other brands, such as Wilsonart, for example, offer laminated counters at variable prices. It would definitely be worth making a small price comparison before choosing a specific material for the countertop or brand of the laminate to remodel your kitchen, since the prices may vary according to the seller.

More savings

Unlike granite or quartz, lamination is almost always the most profitable counter material for people looking to renew their meters with a reasonable budget. And especially for our customers interested in remodelling the kitchen in Singapore, it's important to stick to the budget. If you choose to place a Formica countertop instead of granite or quartz, you will probably save about $ 600 or $ 700, or even $ 800, on a normal bathroom cabinet. And these savings could be even greater for kitchen surfaces, which tend to be larger.

Countertop Materials

Other brands that offer laminated counters, such as Wilsonart, generally charge between $ 15 and $ 20 per foot. Compared to granite countertops, which range from $ 40 to $ 60, laminate countertops are a much less expensive option. When you look at the real numbers, you can really see how much you will save. These price differences show you the overall difference compared to what you can save by using a cheaper laminate when renovating a kitchen instead of using more expensive materials such as granite, marble or quartz.

Shorter life

On the other hand, a laminate countertop may not last as long as some of the more expensive options, such as granite and quartz. In general, most of these laminated surfaces have a lifespan of approximately 10 to 12 years. In addition to the reduced lifespan, the choice of a laminate counter has some disadvantages. While Formica may not seem as high as granite or quartz, it is still a good choice for the price.

Whatever the chosen material, I recommend that you do your homework and respect the prices offered by the various points of sale. At Kitchen Bath & Glass Center, we can offer our customers interested in kitchen remodelling in Singapore, attractive prices, in part because we know the area very well and have been working in the area for a long time. So when it comes to managing an expensive project, such as renovating a kitchen, it's worth working with experienced professionals.

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