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How to Check For BTO Defects

When you have the keys of your BTO or build-to-order flat in Singapore then you should ask the builder for defect checklist so that you can check the defects yourself. Some tips are provided here under that can help you in making the checking of defects in Singapore BTO easier.

BTO Defects

1. Select a right date:

To open the door of your BTO flat in Singapore you should select a suitable date. It can be the date of collecting the keys or any other as per your belief.

2. Collect a feedback form:

While collecting the keys of the flat the builder will provide you a feedback form. You can download more copies of feedback form or collect them from builder so that report about all the defects as one form has only 5 lines for this purpose.

3. Defect checklist:

Download the defect checklist of the builder to tally that whether defects mentioned in it are rectified or not. Usually first time buyers can miss some of the defects while checking the BTO due to their inexperience.

4. Organize few things:

Before starting defect checking in Singapore BTO you should arrange few things to make the process easier. These things may include:

Pole or tapping rod:
To check hollowness in tiles. Markers and masking tapes: To write defects with number on masking tape to make it easier to find later on.

2.) Stools:
To take rest when tired during checking defects.

3.) Magazine or newspaper:
To keep your belongings like mineral water bottle and bag etc. on a clean surface

BTO Defects

4.) Snacks and mineral water:
To satisfy your hunger and thirst as the process of checking defects in Singapore BTO can be time taking

5.) Pail:
To pour water on bathroom floor to check its flow to the outlet.

6.) Torchlight:
To check defects until sunset as well as in the dark corners of the BTO

7.) Tissue paper or toilet roll:
to wipe stains or hands

8.) Camera:
To take photo of the defect to use as evidence as well as to check the defects before and after their rectification.

9.) Measuring Tape:
To measure anything, if required

10.) Pencil and paper:
To note down defects

After organizing all the things discussed above you can start checking defects in your Singapore BTO. Some tips are provided here under to make this process easier for you, especially if you are a first time home buyer.

5. Tips for checking BTO defects

These tips can help you in avoiding the mistakes usually made by people while checking defects in their BTO flat.


You should start checking the flat from its bathroom. You should check bathroom when there is sufficient light. You should avoid checking bathroom in the evening or late noon as bathrooms are usually darker than other parts of a home.

While checking bathroom you should focus specially on the items wrapped in plastic sheet as there can be some defect in them. Some of the toiletries can get scratched even if they are wrapped properly. Such items should be included in your feedback list of defects

The liver of shower head should be adjustable. Though it is not a major defect but it can be problematic after few days.


After checking bathroom you can focus on your bedrooms. First of all you should focus on its flooring. Wooden flooring should be taken sympathetically as they usually have dents or scratches. However with other flooring materials like ceramic tiles, marble or granite you should be more particular about the consistency of their color and evenness of the surface as well as the gaps in their joints. You should also focus on the gaps between the skirting and walls as well as between the floor and the skirting.

You should check the windows of the bedroom more carefully as they should ensure safety and security of its inhabitants. The glass panels should be bubble free and installed properly in the windows as they can affect the beauty of the window as well as the entire home. You should also ensure smooth working of window’s lever.

BTO Defects


Storeroom is one of the most important parts of a home as you have to store your valuables and other belongings in it safely. So you should ensure the proper working of its door handle lock, whether it can be locked properly and easily or not. Moreover it should not have foul smell as sometimes it cannot be removed even after staying and using it for long time.

The drainage of you balcony should be installed properly to take out the entire water on the balcony floor. It should be installed on the wall instead of lying on the balcony floor.


You can check the hollowness of the tiles installed in the kitchen walls as well as on the worktops by using the tapping rod you have brought with you. You can also check the suitability and smooth working of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Living room

Now you can again use your tapping rod to check the hollowness of the tiles on the floor of the living room of your BTO. You should never use coin for this purpose as it can be a painful task for you. You should also check cracks and chipped off floor to add to your feedback list of defects. You can use colored masking tape to mark the defect.

While checking the BTO to find new defects, you should also check the defects mentioned in the builder’s checklist to ensure that they are properly rectified.

Thus after finishing the checking of the defects in your Singapore BTO you can wind up your defects feedback form to submit your objections to the builder. You should keep a copy of the feedback form with you for future reference. The builder will rectify the defects pointed out by you in your checking feedback report. It will help you to get a perfect BTO in Singapore to live in.

However if you find it difficult for you the check the entire house then you can hire a professional inspector to work on your behalf. He will use his knowledge and past experience to find defects in your Singapore BTO.

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