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How to Choose The Best Carpet Flooring Company

Do you want a floor that is comfortable, simple to maintain, modish, and easy to install? Then the carpet floors will be your best choice. With carpet floors, you will have several ways to redesign the interior of your house or office. You will give an impressive look to your premises by choosing any color that will attract you. These floor rugs are full in the market, and they will come with different designs, styles, textures, and shades. You will need to choose the best type that will match your house interiors and satisfy all your needs.

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Carpet Flooring Types in Singapore

There are different types of carpet flooring that will meet all the trending fashions. The carpet type you will buy should mainly depend on the interior look of your house or office. This will ensure the carpet and other decorations in the room match to each other and brings out the best look. Make sure you consider your needs well before laying your final decision on which carpet to buy, consider where you are going to use it, whether in the office or your house. Also, your budget and individual taste will matter to a great extent. Whichever the type you will choose it will need regular cleaning to maintain its quality at the top level. This will also prevent mites and dust from accumulating. Following are the available carpet types.

Tufted -
This type will be mostly used for domestic purposes. The pile is threaded to a backing which is then joined to another backing either through a weaving technique or by just using glue as the bond.

Woven –
These are carpets that will either have a plush pile or cut. They are made in the same way with clothes. Woven mats will use wool as the primary material, and their manufacturing process will take longer than others, this makes them expensive than other types.

Flatweave -
Flat weave carpets will have warp and weft threads interlock.

Needle felt –
These are thin and stiff carpets that are used in commercial areas with high traffic. If your office, hotel, or motel has high traffic, then this type will be your best option. However, if you are thinking of buying it for your home, you can proceed as it will work best when installed on corridors and staircases.

How to choose the best carpet flooring company

Getting a professional to install the carpets for you could be an excellent time-saving option. Instead of buying carpets and struggling to fit them on your own, you can consider hiring a flooring company which will install the mats for you. You need to agree on the cost with the company before engaging it. Make sure you consider the price of several companies, remember a company that will charge most expensive it doesn’t mean its quality will be the best. Several companies are offering flooring services in Singapore, and you should choose the company to hire wisely.

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Not all the companies that are in the market are well equipped to handle the task for you. You need to choose a company that has qualified professionals, licensed, well equipped with the right tools and the most favorable one to your pocket. This way you will be assured of high-quality service. Follow the following tips to get the best flooring company in Singapore.

1. Get referral

Asking your friends, relatives, and neighbors for the recommendation to the best company could be the best option. Ask them to recommend you any of the flooring company that they might have interacted with before. If any of them has a recommendation go and check what the company did for them. If you are satisfied with what they did ask for their number and contact them. This way you will be assured that the company you are hiring knows what it is doing.

2. Carpet types

The type of the carpet the company is going to install will determine your satisfaction to a great extent. Make sure the carpet you get will match with your interior decorations. Before hiring a flooring company ask them what type of mats they install and check if they will match with your house or office.

3. Licensed

You need to ensure the company you give access to your premises is well qualified and trustworthy. The best way to do this is by checking their credentials. A licensed company will have well-qualified personnel. A license is also an evidence that the company does not have any criminal record with the authorities. That way you will have peace of mind knowing the people you are giving access to your home or office are trustworthy.

4. Cost

Considering the cost is very important when hiring any company. Before you get a flooring company first check their pricing and see if it is within your budget. An expensive company will not guarantee you the best service, so don’t strive to afford the most expensive one.

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Why is carpet flooring beneficial?

It is flexible

The flexibility of the carpets will enable you to design your room the way you want. You can decide to fit a large carpet in the center of your room and leave the area around the edges not covered. You may also choose to make a feature that resembles a dining table, and all these will be possible through the use of carpets.

Used anywhere

While many people use carpets in large rooms like dining rooms and bedrooms, it doesn’t mean they are only used for that. Mats can be installed in other parts of the house such as hallways and staircases. As it is with large rooms, stairs and corridors can also be covered using different styles. You can decide to cover them entirely or at the center only. Certain types of carpets will work for hallways and staircases, for example, the striped carpet will be the best to use on hallways, they will create a sense of a corridor.


Carpet flooring is a great way to decorate any room. You can prolong the life of your carpet by having it installed well and cleaning it immediately when there is spillage. If your schedule is tight, there are professionals to do it for you.

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