How To Install HDB Window Grill

I am sure many of you are well aware about all the great benefits that you can get with the help of windows grill. That means if you don’t have Window grill in your home unit, then you might be in the process of installing it. If we talk about the installing of window grill in your home, it is quite simple and you can easily do this task after finding a renovation company in Singapore that provide authentic material to its client. But if we talk about the installation of window grill in your HDB home, then things are not equally similar and you need to follow specific guidelines for that.

In order to avoid any kind of complication it is essential that you get in touch with a licensed contract for HDB home so you can finish the process in easy way. A good HDB licensed contractors will see if you need some permit for that and if you need one, then that contractor will get it for you. Other than this he will also select the window grill for you according to set guidelines.

How To Install HDB Window Grill

Here are some HDB guidelines that you need to remember while installing window grill

1) Installation of grills on yard or on the balcony

When you install a window grill on your balcony or in your yard, then you need to get permit for that. Also, you need to get the design approved by the authority. And if you wish to check the approved designs for you HDB home, then you can check their from their official website.

2) Removal and replacing of stainless steel rails and mild steel on the top of your balcony wall

Although , you do no need to take any permit for this, but there are some rules that you need to follow. At the top of your concrete, it is necessary that you use some mild steel or stainless steel rails. Also, the height of your balcony walls should be above 1000 mm from the floor level. Other than this, if you have any visible steel bar, then you need to cover it with two coats of paints to prevent it from rusting.

3) Installation of overhead grills at interaction of the balcony

You need to understand that metal grill should never go beyond the height of your unit. Although, you do not need to get any permit for this, but you are not allowed to keep or use any kind of flammable material in your balcony.

4) Full height window replacement

This is a guideline that not only affect the window grill, but if also affect the bay window as well in your HDB. You are not allowed to temper to remove the safety grills in your HDB home. Also, you are not allowed to replace or renovate the windows of your HDB flat in any condition. If you want to add new window grills in your HDB home, then you need to give a very solid reason for that, for example falling of frame.

5) Installation of metal grill on a dual storey balcony and corridor

All the metal window grill need to be fixed from inside and it should never hang from the front of building. This is a rule that need to be followed by all the double story balconies that were handed over to people before July 1, 2007. Also, you are not allowed to fix any kind of grill for your air-conditioning unit as well.

6) installation or replacement of window on wall

You need to have a permit for this. If you got your unit before 1 july 2007, then you do not need to worry about it because old houses have balconies and space for plants. You are not allowed to have a full sliding window in your HDB home. When you install windows after taking permission, then it need to be in same size and colour and type to look similar with other windows.

7) People who are recommended for this job

If you own the flat, then you should contact only those BCA Contractors that are approved by your HDB. Other than this you also need to find a qualified technician that can certify it for you. They both should submit their calculation to BCA and once you get approval from BCA then contractor will get the permission to start actual work. This work will include approval of drawing and structural along with getting a permit for HDB renovation.

Thing that you should remember before installing a window grill in your HDB home

Rules set by HDB: To avoid any kind of problem, you should always follow the guidelines so you stay safe in every situation. For this you can check their website and you can also contact a BCA approved contractor that know all the related rules in detailed manner.

The design of window: For better look of the building your window grill design should blend well with others. That is why you should check their website for designs and you should choose one that is approved by them and look good to you also.

Type of grill: There are mainly three type of window grill available there including sliding, fixed and casement. In Singapore, mostly people use sliding grills due to safety. Fixed grills are best for people that live in insecure area. So, you should choose one that fit well for your needs.

Colour of the window grill: You do not have a lot of option for this because you can replace a window grill in your HDB with same color. So, when you choose it them make sure you choose same colour for external window.

Material of your window grill: In Singapore mostly they use iron or aluminium to make a window grill. Aluminium look good while iron is known as very strong and tough. However, both give you better protection so you can choose one that suit your needs.

When you choose it then make sure you act smart and you choose a window grill for your HDB home smartly. The authorities are very particular about the safety of and that is why you need to follow their rule for maintaining the safety. And if you will not follow those rules then you might fact trouble in the future. So, stay away from those troubles and get a solution in easy manner.

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