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How To Maintain Chengal Decking?

Chengal decking is one of the most common wood decking material in Singapore. Its quality is actually an equivalent of the yellow pine of North America. The presence of chengal deck in your house will surely multiply the beauty of your house. The market value of your house will also appear higher if there are chengal decks all over the place. Singaporeans love to use chengal decking because it gives a relaxing and welcoming place for their guests, friends and family.


The quality of chengal decking is outstanding so you must expect that its price is also high. In order to make the money workth it, maintaining chengal decking is thing that you must definitely do. Failing to keep it from staining and sealing is like throwing the money away. Below is the list of the ways on how to maintain chengal decking.

1. Always clean your chengal deck.

After purchasing a chengal deck for your house, it is just appropriate to clean it right away. By doing so, its natural coloration and sturdiness will be able to stay for years after purchase. Remember as well not to put just anything on the wood. There are some chemical combinations that can destroy the appearance of the wood when applied. The chengal decking is a bit sensitive to chemicals so please be aware of what you are putting on it. If possible, ask for a professional advice so that you will not ruin the design and texture of the wood.

The proper way of cleaning the chengal deck is through mixing cleansers such as water and a product that has the right alkaline pH balance. If you will prefer to use a detergent, use a milder chemical product which will not cause a reaction with the chengal wood. Too much water in the combination should also be avoided.

Chengal Decking

2. Do not put very heavy things on top of the chengal decking.

All kinds of wood can only bear a limited amount of weight before it cracks, warps or breaks entirely. Always be mindful that whatever you keep on your chengal deck. If possible, try to get a professional estimate of what the maximum weight the deck can hold so that you will be able to accidentally break your chengal deck.

The design of your chengal deck will also affect the maximum weight it can hold. If you want to entertain large crowds in your house, then you must design your wood in such a way that it can hold more weight. You can also design with many additional supports so that the load's weight will be distributed in the entire wood and not just on one place. Children should also be reminded not to play in the deck because the deck can break and the design of the chengal deck can cause harm to the children.

3. Do regular repairs for your chengal deck.

Even before installing a chengal deck in your house, you should first gain an understanding of the things that should be done in order to maintain the chengal deck. If you happen to notice some structural weaknesses on the design of the wood, then you should immediately call a professional who can repair it quickly. The longer it takes for you to repair your chengal deck, the more severe the problems will be. You can also consult a reliable online resource or a professional contractor so that you will be able to learn how to properly apply a waterproofing sealant. Take note that doing repairs is necessary to save the life and design of your chengal deck so never forget to do it.

Maintain Chengal Decking

4. Use a very high quality wood preservative.

The use of an oil-based preservative with ultraviolet inhibitors will always make your chengal deck look new. Unlike paint, the oil that you will use will not lay on the wood's surface. It will just deeply penetrate into the pores of the chengal deck in order to prevent the attack of the moisture inside the wood. The oil will penetrate between connections and joints. Through the use of oil, there will be no rigid surface in the wood that can split or bubble. However, the oil will eventually evaporate out of the chengal deck which will make the wood unprotected. If you prefer to use an oil preservative, you will need to recoat the chengal decking once every 12 to 18 months.

In addition, never use excessive amounts of oil if you want to make the chengal decking newer. The excessive amount of oil can eventually puddle and the puddled oil will not dry. The puddled oil can stick to the chengal deck, other furniture, feet and even to your shoes. The interior floor of your house can also be affected if the puddled oil will not be removed. You can also use a roller or a paintbrush in order to force the stain or oil to go into the surface.

Moreover, making your own wood preservative for chengal deck will also be effective. You will just need mineral spirits, boiled linseed oil, mildicide and pigment. First, mix mineral spirits with the oil. Second, add the pigment and stir in a pack of mildicide. The put the combination in a container and get a paintbrush in order to start putting the preservative on the chengal deck.

Also, if you already like the natural color of the chengal deck and you don't want it to be changed, then just try to do a clear finish. The clear finish that you must buy must be appropriate and safe for the chengal wood. The clear finish should also have ultraviolet inhibitors that can fight the ultraviolet sunburn that can damage your chengal deck. You must also get rid of the famous "cure all" water seals. These seals only contain paraffin and petroleum jelly that only has limited water protection.

Indeed, your chengal decking has very good qualities and it can definitely make your house look more beautiful. So try to maintain its good quality and make your money worth it. Try now the ways on how to maintain your chengal deck and be amazed by the great results that you will get.
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