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Organize Your Walk-In Wardrobe With These Tips

If you have space and money, create a walk in wardrobe. It's a good investment and promises you all the space you need. There's ample room for your shoe collection, winter wear, summer wear, and accessories. And if you know how to organize it, you can even have space to unwind. Walk-in closets are usually custom built to fit your specifications. The layout is important and should be chosen depending on the existing layout of the room, its size and its shape. Always consult a closet organizer who can help customize a design.

Walk-in wardrobe

Use hampers

Hampers are very useful as they help keep dirty laundry off the floor and separate clean clothes from soiled ones. They look good too, serving as decorative items. You can't go wrong with a simple cane/wicker basket or a cloth hamper. Place it away from the main area but in an easily accessible spot.

Use double rod organizers

Wardrobes should be robust enough to carry the weight of double rod organizers. Avoid using portable wardrobes that can be folded even if they claim to be able to support two rows of clothes. They never work. Limit shelf space for folded items, out-of-season clothes and boxes. Use the upper rod to hold short clothes and the bottom level to contain pants, long skirts and dresses. Since the two bars must be spaced such that they don't cramp space, have the closet built tall. This will also provide more shelf space while taking up less room due to the vertical design.

Incorporate drawers into closets

Smaller walk-in closets can't usually afford to have separate dressers. But what can be done is to incorporate drawers in closets. The top half can consist of shelves and open spaces for hanging clothes while the lower section can feature rows of drawers. This is also a neat way to contain small essentials like undergarments and accessories.

Use drawer and wardrobe dividers

Dividers are always great because they're cheap and extremely handy. Even if the wardrobe has shelves, you may want to place belongings in specific spots. Drawers too can look neater by dividing the interior into small squares. Purchase a few modular dividers there are clear, acrylic ones too so everything's exactly where it should be.

Walk Through Colors

Colors that are of general quality are one way to start purchasing your clothing. It is for certain that colors will fit for any season, occasion, and activity. In other words, buy clothing according to the generality of its color. Choose the kind of color that will suit your mood, your skin, and your style. The benefit of general or neutral colors is that you can match limitlessly your apparel in whatever style you choose them to be.

Walk-in wardrobe

Flattered by Figures

Choose from the vast array of clothing those that would flatter your figures. You do not need a perfectly carved body to be able to be able to flaunt the natural beauty which you have been blessed. Whatever your body built is you should be able to choose clothing that suits your body best.

Comfort over Style

If you choose your clothing based on your level of comfort, there is no doubt that you will have a wardrobe full of clothing that will never run out of style. You can just match and mix each piece whatever is your liking. Choosing your clothing just because of the hottest trend you see being worn in the street is unlikely will give you a satisfying look.

Uniqueness is better

Each person has his way and his style. You only have to remember that to create a fashion statement it is important that you go along with the flow of uniqueness. It is rather essential that you follow your guts, your style, and your mood when choosing your clothes. This is your ultimate guide in the long run not only in the fashion world but whenever you choose your exclusive attires.

Marvel in what is simple

Simplicity is another term for beauty. Many people often forget that basic idea and concept and tend to follow the hot deals in the arena of fashion. It is not wrong to do otherwise because you are only showing the world that you are what you garb.

Don't forget style!

Organizing a walk-in closet is more than just figuring out how and where to place things it's also about style. Unlike other closets, walk-in closets are a mark of class and should reflect style. In many ways, they're even more personal than bedrooms, so you have free reign with a design.

Accessorize with functional and not so useful elements. Set up a small vanity with a tabletop mirror featuring lamps, Hollywood style. It's vintage it's dramatic and very useful. You can use a dress form to add a boutique touch to the room. Boxes, baskets, and racks can serve as additional storage. Install functional and decorative lighting too.

Walk-in wardrobe

Walk-in closets may be small or large. What matters is that they're kept well-organized and neat. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to find a pair of pants or a belt under so many belongings! With the right organization, you can rediscover the joy of dressing up and keep track of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Consult a closet organizer if you're having trouble with yours or if you want a professional touch.

Few reasons why you want to engage a wardrobe stylist.

1.People want to impress a potential partner.

It's a well-known undeniable fact that girls or boys, both men and women want a potential partner to determine them as attractive. Everybody has a crush or falls for each other at some point, and they will want to impress the object of their affection. This is but a natural reaction because we also want the other person to like us. Now, because first impressions are usually important, we don't want to be thought of like somebody who is a fashion victim. It makes us feel good once the other person thinks that we are attractive or look great.


This can be sadly lacking in many particularly in women. Regardless of how pretty women are, they always think that they are not. Hence, wearing the best kind of clothes, having great hairstyle and donning the perfect make-up make them feel confident. They can walk tall and proud and realize that they appear impressive. People who lack self-confidence can great hinder their success.

3.To become original.

Every one of us has unique personal style. We do not need to copy some celebrities' style down to the last detail. A great wardrobe stylist will try to combine the style that you want and that of your personality. Therefore, resulting in a unique style that only you can have.

4.Another reason for hiring a stylist is mainly because you want to be up to date using the most recent trend.
It would be pointless if the stylist you hire has no idea as to what is going on within the fashion industry. However, she or he should also bear in mind to provide you with a style that will not fade in a month or two. That person should have the ability to understand what type of style will be in the industry for quite a while.

These are just a few major reasons, and not all can be listed. Each has his or her purpose of getting a wardrobe stylist. Some are simply bored with what they've and wish some immediate change. Change may also be good for people. So, you might want to go and look for a stylish way before you have a special day. This can give him or her time to come up with what you want, and at the same time, it will not result in stress.

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