The Best Approach To Paint Your House Exterior

Exterior house painting is as imperative as interior painting. It gives your house a pleasant look and you can use the project to change your home appearance as well. If your house’s exterior painting is fading or peeling off then you’ll definitely want to apply a new paint coat to make your home look more presentable.
Exterior painting is one of those errands that never totally go away. Home-owners generally have to paint their house every 6 to 8 years. It can be a time-consuming home improvement project. If you’re planning to tackle this yourself, it’s best to plan in advance and prepare for the task at hand.

House Exterior

Exterior home painting isn’t a simple job since lots of research and planning has to be done prior to commencing the process. Choosing the wrong color scheme can mess up the whole look of your house making it a big joke among your neighbours. Similarly, by if you make a wise choice and listen to helpful advises you can craft your home to be the most welcoming and chic one in the neighbourhood. The outcome depends solely on the time spent planning and pulling things together after researching on the color schemes and obviously the hard work really brings good pay.

Time typically takes its toll on any kind of exterior paint, including residential and commercial properties. Heat, cold and rain all together work to take away the paint and can as well lead to rust-covered, hideous looking stains which detract from the house. The homeowner can choose high pressure washing technique, although this is only a temporary choice and isn’t very cost-effective. The big question then befalls, when’s the best time to paint the house's exterior?

In order to answer this question, it’s essential to confer some bits of fundamental information. Firstly, painting the home’s exterior isn’t solely the matter about aesthetics. Paint in fact is the first effectual defense line against any form of damage which can happen to siding. Exterior home areas are always being exposed to the pollution, diverse weather types and lots of other variables. When a layer of protective exterior paint is absent, the house siding will get damaged easily. Exterior painting is thus fundamental for the durability of the house, aside from adding to the eye-catching characteristics

Prep Work

Before you start you have to analyze the amount of preparation work that the job requires. In addition to the mandatory sanding and washing, you should look for any damage that has to be repaired prior to beginning. Check for damaged or rotten siding, hand rails, window sills and window and door trim. If you plan to hire a painting company to do the task for you, you can ask for estimation if you do not want to do it yourself. Most painting contractors offer minute house repairs also.

For your exterior house painting project you must have all the necessary tools on hand. Additionally, you’ve to consider things like wall cleaning and applying primer and also using the right paint quality. Each of the factors is very essential and will help you in doing the painting correctly. Before you start anything else, you ought to repair wall cracks as well. Get ready for painting. Wear old comfy clothes and shoes. Wear a hat or scarf on your head to protect you from paint spills while you paint the ceiling. Wear easy-to-remove shoes to avoid tracking paint from one room to another.


Now you have to decide whether you want to switch colors. Choosing a new color can give your house a fresh new appearance. Consider picking something you’ll still be thrilled with in 5-7 years. There is nothing worse than picking a bold color that will wear after just a few months. You may consider selecting a color that your neighbours will be glad about also. If the locality goes with a gentle pastel theme and you show up in bright yellow or orange, you’ll ruin your resale value and get several frowns from your neighbors. The last thing to consider - Changing colors can be costly since you’ll need more than one coat to overshadow the old color.

House Exterior


It will make a difference whether you spray or you hand brush paint the house. There’s no doubt that spraying is cheaper and quicker. On the other hand, hand brushing will be beneficial to certain houses. Wood homes, old homes and houses that haven’t been painted for a long time are all good if brush painted. Brush painting applies a thicker coat that infiltrates deep into the crevices and wood. This gives the house siding better protection against water. It’s a more time-consuming process therefore expect to pay extra.

Different Exterior Painting Styles

These are four different generic styles you can adopt to improve the market potential of your home bettering its appeal.

· Single Colored Painting Pattern -

This is similarly referred to as the monochromatic color scheme and the most commonly adopted scheme. In this style, a single color is applied in painting the house’s exterior along with 2 or more shades of the same color ideal for highlighting purpose.

· Complementary Painting Pattern -

This color scheme presents the perfect platform for color testing with 2 complementary colors for the exterior. The colors located opposite in the color spectrum are called the complementary colors. The home gets a general dynamic and sparkling look with the perfect mix of 2 shades out of which one is dominant and bright whereas the other 2 or 3 complements the beauty brilliantly.

· Tri-colored Painting Pattern -

3 colors are applied in the scheme that are located within equal distance in the palette. By selecting the ideal triadic color system the house can become beautiful, sparkling, brilliant and highly attractive!

· Analogous Panting Pattern -

This kind of color scheme is also called the adjacent exterior house painting scheme as the colors adjacent to each other in the color palette are chosen. One main color is used and the rest are chosen to highlight purpose. Although it’s a tricky pattern, it’s much easier than the tricolor scheme as there’s a perfect accord between the selected colors.

You can pick any colors based on your option for exterior house painting. Like, the soft light shades can give your house an elaborate, cool and fresh look the neutral colors like off-white and beige brings a harmonious and calm look.


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