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Ways To Handle Cracked Window Glass

Windows are an integral part of a house. However, many people rarely ever pay them any attention, until something bad happens to them. When a window in your house gets broken, or even cracked, that is most often when you begin to take real notice of it. This is especially so because of the cold that gets in through the newly- created spaces. It is therefore imperative that you take care of your damaged window glass as soon as you possibly can, before the situation becomes unbearable. If your window is merely cracked, you most often take care of it yourself, before you call in a professional. However, if the damage caused to your window is too much, then the best option is to get a professional’s help promptly.

Cracked Window Glass

How to handle cracked window glass

Taking care of cracked window glass is fairly easy: all it requires is just a little innovativeness and ingenuity on your part. Ordinary items in the house can be of great help when you are handling a cracked window glass. However, at all times, you need to be extremely cautious when you are handling any broken piece of glass, however small or large. The first and basic precaution to take is to wear heavy duty gloves, to keep your hands safe from getting pricked or cut by the glass you are working on. Also, line the surfaces beneath which the window is situated with newspaper, so that the tiny slivers of glass that are so prone to falling in the most wanted of places will fall on the newspaper.

Assess the Damage

With your heavy gloves on, gently press the cracked part of the glass. This will help you determine whether the cracked glass will hold long enough till you can get professional help, or if you need to remove it altogether. Be sure to apply very little pressure on the window, as too much pressure may just what the delicate glass needs to fall into pieces.

Cracked Window Glass

Tape the Glass

If you conclude that the damage does not warrant the complete removal of the cracked glass, then you need to glue the cracked glass with clear packing tape. This will keep the fragile, cracked glass together until you do some major repair on the window. It is important to remember cracked glass that keeps falling off a shard at a time will eventually create enough damage to give you sleepless nights. To keep it together, place clear packing tape over the crack. Smoothen out any air bubbles using a finger, and the transformation will be amazing. Ideally, you should apply the tape on both sides of the crack in order to intensify the support on the glass. If this is not possible for whatever reason, then you will have to make do with the tape being on one side of the window. If done well, the tape can hold the glass remarkably well.

Clear Nail Polish

If you notice any small holes or gaps after taping the glass, you can deal with them by applying clear nail polish on them. Isn’t it amazing how every- day items can be of such great help in time of need? When you are sealing those tiny holes, you simple need to apply nail polish as you ordinarily would on your nails. Remember to allow coats of polish to dry before applying another layer, as this is the most effective way of sealing the holes. Take great care to completely seal all the holes, because they can also become a source of agony. In addition to letting in cold air, insects can also use the holes to get into your house. It probably can’t get any worse than that, can it?

Cracked Window Glass

Temporary Glass Replacement

If during your assessment you conclude that the crack is too huge to be simply sealed off with clear tape and nail polish, then you should completely remove the broken glass. Removing the cracked glass does not necessarily mean that you have to replace it with new glass immediately- with a little creativity, you will discover substitute materials that can temporarily do the job well. Top of the list is a clear plastic material, in the absence of which you can use tough plastic trash bags. Once you have acquired the material of your choice, you need to completely remove all the shards of glass from the window. Then you should measure the size of the gaping hole in your window, and cut the plastic material of a corresponding size. You can also choose to cover an entire pane as an extra precaution. After you cut the piece of plastic, attach it to the glass in question using clear plastic tape. You should attach several layers of plastic to ensure maximum security. Additionally, if for you appearance does not count much, you might consider using a wooden plank, as it is sturdier and stronger.

When to Call the Experts

Keep in mind that all the tips discussed above are temporary fixes, and at some point, you will have to seek the services of an expert. This is especially so if you have very large panes, or if you have dual glazing windows. Moreover, if the window in question is in a room several floors high, then you are better off calling in an expert. Fixing or even replacing a window on a ladder is not only cumbersome, but it is also relatively dangerous for amateurs. However, if the window is not too far out of reach, you might consider replacing it on your own. So long as you have the necessary equipment, and are up to the task, fixing a window shouldn’t be too difficult.


Now you know what to do if you ever have a cracked window. Fixing it temporarily isn’t very difficult, but it is important that you permanently deal with the problem sooner than later. Remember, every day that you leave a cracked window simply glued together with packing tape, or covered by a plastic material, you increase vulnerability of your house to thugs and burglars. Sure, the fixing will take care of the cold and the insects, but what about the security of your home? Get the problem dealt with once and for all as soon as you possibly can.

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