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What Are The Top 3 Recommended Aircon Company In 2015?

An air conditioner is one of the most essential appliances used in Singapore due to its hot tropical weather throughout the year. Having an air conditioner in your home as well as office is must if you want to stay and work indoor comfortably during the day time. But while shopping for an air conditioner you must consider certain factors to find the best unit for you. These factors may include energy efficiency, cooling capacity and the price of the unit. The size of the room in which you want to install air conditioner is also important while finding a suitable cooling unit for it so that it can cool it efficiently without increasing your power bill. Some people also consider the aircon company while choosing the best aircon in Singapore.

While finding the best air conditioner you can visit the stores which deal in such appliances and talk to the sales representative in this regard. You can choose an aircon after comparing price, features, energy consumption, installation and maintenance costs of various models of various companies available on the store. You can easily find the best aircon for your home or office if you do some homework before visiting the store. In this write-up brief information about top three recommended aircon company in Singapore in 2015 is provided to help you in this regard, if this is the criteria for you to choose the best air conditioner for your home and office. These brands are among the best in Singapore on the basis of their popularity among the consumers as well as their experience of many years in this industry.


Top aircon companies in Singapore

Though it is not easy to choose the best air conditioner in Singapore as there are many brands in the market but if you choose one on the basis of long experience of the company in air conditioning industry then you can easily find the best one for your personal use. Three most popular aircon companies in Singapore, briefly discussed here under, include Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic.


It is one of the best companies of the world that manufacture high quality cooling, ventilation and air conditioning appliances. They consistently try to meet up the requirements of residential, industrial and commercial units by taking care of the balance between energy efficiency and performance. The aircon units manufactured by Mitsubishi can be used to provide comfortable environment at private homes, workplaces and office during the day time.

Mitsubishi is considered the most preferred aircon company in Singapore because all of its products carry warranty for the longest time in the industry as compared to other companies. Noise level of its air conditioners varies between 19 and 40 DB whereas they save up to 45% energy due to their twin rotary compressors. Electrostatic anti-allergy enzyme filter and air purifying system are the other important features of their air conditioners. Moreover they are easy to clean.

Mitsubishi Electric is manufacturing high quality innovative products including internet controlled units for larger establishments along with exclusive units for household, since its establishment in 1921, with the help of its engineers.

Air Conditioner


Daikin is a Japanese aircon company that is considered as one of the most popular producers of air conditioning units in Singapore. They started their business in Singapore in 1968 when the economy of the country was also in the growing phase. Daikin was the first company that introduced air conditioners for HDB homes with multi-split facility. In 1986 they also introduced the VRV systems for commercial establishments. VRV systems are considered as all time intelligent air conditioners as they allow the users to control and maintain the cooling at individual space and floors according to their need.

Daikin has been awarded with the Trusted Brand Award for manufacturing air conditioners for domestic, industrial and commercial users. Aircon produced by Daikin are considered as energy saving units through its infrared sensors. Their noise level varies between 22 and 37 DB. They are also known for their deodorising and bacteria removing functions through their titanium apatite photocatalytic air purifier filter. Inverter reluctance technology used in their air conditioners helps in reducing the wastage of energy and hence the cost of their operation.

Recommended Aircon Company


Panasonic is another Japanese aircon company that is considered as one of the best air conditioner producing companies in Singapore. It was officially established in Japan by a businessman Konosuke Matsushita in 1918 to create value products. This trend is still alive in the company with the help of its experienced and dedicated engineers.

No doubt Panasonic is among the best electric companies of the world due to its innovative and high quality products. In Singapore this company is known for its air conditioners due to their exclusive features like clean air, less noisy and energy saving etc. Many Singaporean users rate the air conditioners produced by this company with 5 stars because their energy saving feature helps in saving up to 50% energy consumption to reduce their power consumption bills considerably. 49 DB noise level and Nanoe-G air purifying system are the other features of the Panasonic air conditioners which make them the best in their class. They also maintain the temperature precisely with the help of intelligent inverter used in them that varies the rotation speed of their compressor.

Panasonic has produced various models of air conditioners for their domestic as well as commercial users as per their needs. You can easily find one as per your cooling requirements to beat the heat in Singapore.

Thus the information provided in this write-up about the top 3 recommended aircon company in Singapore in 2015 can help you in making a right decision when you have decided to buy a quality air conditioner in Singapore. You can trust on any of these companies as all of them promise to provide energy efficient and quality products to their customers. In this way you can be effective at your workplace and comfortable at your home without bothering about the hot environment in Singapore by selecting an air conditioner according to your needs, from any of these companies.
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