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Buying a new home or taking a mortgage can be quiet expensive especially if you don’t have a constant cash flow. As much as you want to improve the general décor of your home, it is good to consider doing a renovation. Home renovation in Singapore can be seen as costly but by doing it with proper arrangements allows you to get a good looking home without straining hard.

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Home Renovation Cost

Before you embark on doing some renovations in your house, it is imperative to know the actual cost of the entire process. When coming up with the ultimate cost, for instance, there are some variables you have to consider that includes the nature of your house, size, age and the company you are going to contract. The way you want your work to be done and the type of materials to be used will also come into play when coming up with the overall estimate.

The type of house to be renovated determines the amount of work that needs to be done. More often, the executive and private condominiums come with the interior fitting that allows sections like kitchen cabinet and floor to be done effectively. For instance, it takes less amount of work when doing a new BTO when compared to a flat that needs a lot of measures to be considered.

When doing a renovation for an HDB flat with four rooms that is approximately 90 square metres, it will cost you as low as $5000. But due to the dynamic nature of prices, sometimes the cost of such flats can go up to $110, 000. According to Qanvast, home owner’s web portal, the average cost of renovating HBD is $53,000.

What are the renovation options?

As earlier said the cost of renovations varies depending on the variable which includes the contractors, interior designers and building companies. What you need to figure out is the spectrum unto which your budget sits before choosing a renovation option.

When it comes to contractors, they do the heavy lifting when renovating homes. But in this case, you will have to do the conceptualization, designing and project management. They will do all the construction work which includes breaking down and putting up walls, flooring installations, piping, electric wiring, carpentry (kitchen cabinets), ceilings and bathroom fittings.

You should also consider that the contractors have to be managed and give a guide and thus suitable for people who know more about design and technical specifications. Most people who usually prefer the contractors are seasoned homeowners. This is because they are well familiar with home renovations and have experience in project management. If you have never done any renovations before, this process can be harder than the way it seems.

Project management is time-consuming; if you are going to handle this alone, then you will have to take time off. It is usually good to hire a designer and a manager but if you are confident and well perfected, then it will good as it will cut down the budget.

An interior designer (ID) helps to design, conceptualise and manage the whole project. If you need a new good design for your home, then you will have to opt for the actual experts. Consult with the interior design firm and give them a faint idea of what you expect and they will get your job done well. Most IDs will advise you on the various styles available, and they will give you their existing 3d designs that you will consider. They will do legwork especially when sourcing furniture, fittings and furnishings.

Hiring an interior designer is also suitable for people who are working and have no time to take off. The ID will help you coordinate with the contractor and help you manage the entire renovation process in your absentia. The only drawback is that you will have to pay more in the end including the consultation fees.

The other option is the design and build. This is where the contractor does all the work including the construction work, design and management as one package. More companies offer this option, but they are better in the construction aspect when compared to designing. For the homeowners who can manage the home renovation project, this option will best suit. When dealing with these companies, they usually don’t ask consultancy fees for design.

Choosing a renovation company

Before you get a home renovation company, you should be aware of the scammers. As you consider you check the references, it is good to ensure that the contracted company is legitimate. For instance, HBD usually has a list of the approved contractors while for interior designs, you should check if they are accredited with CaseTrust.

When doing a renovation on HDB flat, consider hiring a contractor who is registered under the RRCS. This is because they will follow the guidelines and rules concerning public housing renovation. An approved contractor usually turn down any project that doesn’t meet with the required standards and HBD’s regulation. If you contract registered contractors, they will ensure all the works meet the requirements.

HBD does not have a list of interior designers, and you should be careful not to be scammed. Ensure that you protect yourself by engaging CaseTrust accredited firms as they have a scheme where they safeguard customer’s deposit. In case the contacted company closes before your work is done, you will not lose your deposit payment.

Financing Home Renovation

When you are broke or fixed, and you can’t afford to renovate your house, you will have to get a renovation loan. This type of loan is usually better compared to taking a personal credit as they incur less interest rate. When you take a renovation loan, the bank charges about 5% interest rate as they know what you are going to do with the money.

Home renovation loans offer 'rest rates' where you have to pay the outstanding balance with interest on top, and this means you will pay less interest in the end. When offered flat rate, you should decline as they will charge you same rate every month regardless of the amount you are repaying. Liaise with your bank and get a loan that will enable you to renovate your home effectively.

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