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Mistakes To Avoid When Carrying Out A Home Renovation In Singapore

Nobody hides the joy of acquiring a new home and the rush to have it ready for occupation. One will do all they can to move in soonest especially when they know that they won’t have to keep thinking about paying rent and other utility bills that one has to keep footing on a monthly basis. However, one can make grave mistakes in the midst of this excitement.

Home Renovation

It is good to be sober and keen on every detail to avoid the following mishaps:

1. Trying to give your house a trendy look

Trends will always come and go. Many people will think that renovating the house to have the most expensive look that is topping the trends will be a thing to brag about. This is not the case since renovation is something that a home owner will have to live with for a longer period of time. Giving the house a timeless look will go a long way since it won’t go out of style. When it comes to the trendy looks, they will always contribute to a depreciated value in case one resolves to resell the house.

2. Going for cheap contractors and service providers

In as much as it is good to have a set expenditure for the whole renovation exercise, it is deadly to go for the cheapest contractor at disposal. As it is commonly said, “cheap is expensive”. In most cases, these cheap contractors do not deliver the best results and may not even be available to correct or re-do their job in case a damage happens or a client is not satisfied with their service. In Singapore, home renovation is a process that one should give proper thought before indulging into. It is advisable to even consult with up to 4 or more contractors and compare the scope of their services in order to come up with the best. Running for the one who serves the cheapest quote can serve as a launch to unending issues with one’s hard earned home.

3. Failure to research

It is good to have at least some basic knowledge of renovation even as one decides to leave the job to a contractor. One needs to research on issues surrounding renovation such as the best materials to use, what to look out for, risks involved, or what to avoid just to mention a few. This places one in a better position to be involved in what is going on and also be able to ask professional questions to the electrician, contractor or plumber concerning the renovation. It is also important to ensure that the contractor observes all precautions and legal requirements regarding the process. In as much as the contractor could be very experienced in their job, the home owner should be the one to feed the contractor with information about the finer details on design, lighting, landscaping and drainage. One can only give the best information when well-armed with properly done research.

Home Renovation

4. Improper measurement
Measurement is very important to carry out to facilitate accuracy the whole exercise of restructuring and re-modelling the home. Proper measurements save one the pain of buying unwanted materials which end up adding unwanted an unnecessary expenditure on the budget. Measurement also ensures that there is minimal unwanted bringing down of structures since the materials available are only for the planned structures.

5. Failure to observe the budget

Budget is a very key factor that determines how the whole renovation exercise is carried out. Before any work commences at the site, it is important to have a meeting with the contractor and all other involved parties and brief them about the set budget. Failure to comply the to the budget limits will leave the home owner in a financial mess, which is a gross mistake that one can commit. The chosen contractor should ensure that all materials enquired and services sourced should be within the budget, something that the home owner should be followed to the latter.

6. Drainage not well done

For any home, proper drainage is a basic need that should be properly installed. When renovating homes, one may forget to consider drainage as part of the exercise. In Singapore, most renovations include creation of a laundry room which most of the times ends up lacking a drainage plan. It is good to ensure that a professional plumber is brought on board to check that drainage is well installed. This can happen while the process is ongoing or after the work is complete before the house is cleared for occupation by the local authority. Failure to this, there can erupt serious problems which may make the home an uncomfortable place to live in.

Home Renovation

7. Electrical connections

During renovation, there is usually a lot of re-structuring and re-modelling going on in the home, which must touch the electrical connections in the house. Overlooking electricity issues is a sure recipe for serious trouble in the home. It is very key to ensure that an electrician is involved in every step of the renovation to ensure that electricity connection is safe. In a home that will be occupied by children, electrical issues should be given the seriousness that they deserve to avoid accidents that result from electricity which even cause death.

8. Lighting

This is an aspect which is as important as all others. Lighting should be well thought of to ensure that there is no mix up. One should consider where to fix theatre lighting, general lighting or even task lighting. Lighting should be appropriate for all rooms to match with the décor scheme of each particular room as well as their purposes. Ensure that a décor expert is involved to provide expert advice on the matter. For instance, having drama lights in a study room is wrong.


Renovation is sometimes an inevitable exercise for people who buy homes in Singapore. It is very important to ensure that it does not ruin the happiness that one should experience in the home. Involving professionals and possessing rich in knowledge on renovation will help one watch out for mistakes that could ruin the exercise. It is important to tone down the excitement of acquiring the new home too to avoid overspending or over demolition of the buildings and structures.

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